Adios, Alaska

The time to say goodbye has come. I purposively decided to write this blog at the end of my internship. I must admit, I am sad that this experience is ending. When it first started, I wanted time to pass me by, but now I wish I could stop time, allowing me to continue to enjoy the scenery and friends I made. It has been an amazing opportunity to get to experience of the inner and outer workings of the park service. It has been amazing to visit Alaska and have time to discover who I was as an individual. I came in with a vague idea of what my values and aspirations were, but I am leaving with an understanding that I am worth it, and that I can create change.

(All the LHIP interns) 

(Our little crew) 

To wish me farewell, my team gathered at a Thai restaurant. We all reminisced about how time flew by this summer and remembered all the great things we did together. We played pool until the middle of the night and walked down to the harbor to watch the salmon run. This week I also made my way to Washington, D.C. and it was my first time on that side of the world. I was excited to stand where history was once made. However, what I could not imagine, was the amazing individuals that I would end up meeting. It was inspiring to be surrounded by a community that had the same aspirations, drive, and motivation as myself. It was beautiful to experience sadness, happiness, anxiety, and fun together as a group. It was incredible to meet others who I just clicked with immediately. Although I am sad that I am back in Los Angeles, the one thing I learned from the conference is that we need to be the go-getters. We need to take initiative and make things happen. We will keep the community alive, despite all of us residing throughout different parts of the United States. This is an experience that I will remember for my entire life. I do not know what is in store for me now, but that is okay. One day, I hope to re-read this blog and see how much I have grown.

(The hero! One day I will live in D.C.) 

Shout out to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (Skagway), Environment for the Americas, Hispanic Access and Latino Heritage Internship programs for a once in a lifetime opportunity! To everyone who supported me when I was feeling down during this journey, thank you. The cycle ends with me and the time to make a difference starts now.

(Representing KLGO and LHIP in the Department of the Interior)

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