A Weekend in Colorado

Ever since I was selected to be a LHIPster I had been looking forward to our trip to Colorado. I had passed by this state on my way to another but had never truly experienced its beauty. To say that I was blown away is an understatement, and the people that I met, the moments that we shared, and the conversations we had made it a once in a life time experience.

I ran out of breath in over 12,000 ft. of elevation, I saw some beautiful sites with diverse ecosystems, I got to pet and walk the park Llamas, and I got an insight in the dynamics of the search and rescue team. While all of these experiences were incredible, I think Seeing everybody’s passion when they talked about their work during their presentations was the most inspiring part of the program. It allowed me to reflect on my experiences at the Santa Monica Mountains and think more critically about my own work. I have been in an office for most of my time here but I have seen many sites, animals, landscapes, and have learned so much about nature and about myself. I live the closest to the beach as I have in years, I have made amazing connections with wonderful people from all over the country, and shared memorable experiences in incredible places. This internship has granted me a summer of challenges, but it has also granted me a summer of exploration and adventure, and I could not be more grateful that I was selected for this. 

I came back with the intention of hitting the ground running as I enter the community outreach portion of my work. I am making calls and sending emails with more hope and enthusiasm of meeting people and hearing their stories. I want to help people find themselves in nature just like I did in the Rockies this weekend. In the midst of all my personal problems I was able to escape and relax, and I think everybody should be able to experience that when they need to. So here’s to a successful last two weeks of my Latino Heritage Internship Program!

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