A Visit to the Midwest Regional Office


A view of the walk onto the pedestrian bridge that leads into Iowa.

Walking along the pedestrian bridge that leads into Iowa.

I had the opportunity this week to travel out to the Midwest Regional Office in Omaha this week. I went with our archivist Amy and with our museum technician Robin. We visited Heather, chief of museum collections, and Keely, staff curator, to tour the offices and to talk to them about museum archives and collections. It was interesting and informative for me to listen to the experts! We discussed some of the collections at Homestead and they showed us their own archives, where we met their archives intern named Creighton. We all went out to lunch and then walked around the area a bit. There was a pedestrian bridge over the Missouri river that if you crossed about halfway over, you were actually in Iowa!
Amy, Robin, and I taking a selfie outside the Midwest Regional Office in Omaha.

Amy, Robin, and I excited to be visiting the Midwest Regional Office.

Photo of Lissete arranging the subject files for the Dempster project.

Working on the Dempster subject files.

We have also been working hard on the Dempster archives, of course. We are trying to get as much done as possible before I leave for Denver. Since I have been here, I have arranged all of the Dempster photographs, slides, and negatives. That means that I organized them into proper categories, with labels, in alphabetical order, and stored into boxes. This week I have been working on doing the same with paper documents about engineering, office matters, and matters from a former president. I’ve gone through about twenty boxes of those subject files so far this week alone! With interviews for the oral history aspect of the Dempster project, I have conducted six interviews so far and I have at least one more scheduled next week. I am most excited about this next interview because the interviewee has a lot of history with the company. I’m sure she will have many stories to share! MRO3 ┬íHasta pronto!

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