A Time of Wonder and Discovery

The past few weeks have been eventful ones. There have been times where I distinctly thought to myself, ‘ I am going to always remember this moment’. For that, I am appreciative of the Hispanic Access Foundation and the National Park Service for affording me memories and experiences that I will carry with me forever because of the Latino Heritage Internship Program.

Intern Christie Bartholomew's view from the lift.

Intern Christie Bartholomew’s view from the lift.

The first of these experiences occurred last week. My NPS supervisor gave me the opportunity to take some photographs from the great heights of a construction lift. With the help of NPS staff, who had been using the lift for preservation purposes, I was able to ascend high into the air. Some might have been fearful, but armed with a harness and a camera, I only remember feeling exhilarated as well as grateful. I wondered if I ever would experience anything like it again and just decided to simply bask in the moment.
Intern Christie Bartholomew peering down from the lift.

Intern Christie Bartholomew peering down from up above.

With my camera, I took shots of breathtaking mountain landscapes and aerial views of historic sites. I took picture after picture and every time I felt I was close to being finished, I felt compelled to take a few more. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity as well as guarantee some great photos would result! The second great moment occurred this week, when I had gone to take some photos on the trail. Expecting mainly to capture wildlife and artifacts, I remember how fortuitous it felt to see a artist working on a plein air (French for ‘open air’) painting of the old Spanish mission. I approached him and hoped he would permit me to take his photo. Luckily, he did!

Artist Gregory Summers putting the finishing touches on his painting of the Spanish mission ruins.

His name is Gregory Summers and he is a former master engraver for Hallmark Cards and an award-winning painter. As I took his photograph, he told me a bit about himself and then asked me a few questions about the park.
LHIP intern Christie posing with artist Gregory Summers.

LHIP intern Christie posing with artist Gregory Summers.

I gave him a brief explanation of what I knew of the history of the church ruins and felt happy being able to do so. The meeting concluded with me asking to pose with him and he agreed. He even let me hold the brush! I was glad that I was able to showcase not only his art but the subject of his art that inspired him: Pecos Historical National Park. 

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