A Summer in Washington, D.C.

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Pomales and I will be spending the next eleven weeks interning with the National Park Service’s Office of Communications & Office of International Affairs. In March of 2019, I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a major in Communications and a minor in Global & International Studies. My senior year internship with NASA inspired me to pursue a career in the federal service and complete a summer internship with the National Park Service. I’m very excited to be spending my summer completing communications work for our national parks and exploring the beautiful city of Washington, D.C.

Although many people associate the National Park Service with beautiful places, like Yosemite or Yellowstone, there is a number of offices in downtown Washington, D.C. that help to support and provide guidance for the large National Park Service system. This summer I will be working closely with two offices to develop communications materials, including social media, news releases, and web content.

My main focus will be on creating communications plans and internal guidance for Latino Conservation Week, which is an annual celebration dedicated to support the Latino community in getting outdoors and participating in activities to protect our natural resources. For nine days in mid-July, I will be creating content related to national and local events to help the National Park Service inform the public about the importance of providing a space for Latino’s (and others) to participate in outdoor activities and conservation.The rest of my time will be focusing on expanding the National Park Service’s content on the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I am very excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to work on behalf of the National Park Service! Look out for my future updates that will be posted to the LHIP website every other week.

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