A Park of many Firsts

Working at a national park has been amazing so far! I’ve been here for almost two months and everyday continues to be a new adventure. Being in a different part of the country has definitely been an eye opening experience. I’ve loved getting to know new people, new animals, and of course new plants. 



My favorite things have been the animals and plants! I get to see so many groundhogs, deer, cool birds, fruits and mushrooms. Groundhogs love hanging out in my backyard area and just chew up the grass back there which is lovely because I can see them from my kitchen window when cooking. The same with deer! I saw a whole family of deer in my backyard feeding on some of our berries bushes.

I saw my first bear ever recently just casually crossing the street. A little after that, I also saw a coyote with a rabbit in its mouth. The wildlife here is so abundant but, unfortunately, none stay still enough for me to capture a picture.

I also hiked to my first waterfall! I had never seen a waterfall before arriving to Shenandoah. I do a lot of hiking on the job which is really one of my favorite parts about being here. I love being outside and just immersing myself in the “nature world”. I love helping people out on the field and giving them information on how to not get lost or help answer their curious questions. I enjoy being active and getting to know the hikes myself. This is important because while working at the visitor center desk we are the ones who people come up to for recommendations on hikes. Having done them really gives you the insight you need to be able to better recommend them.

              Dark Hollow Falls

       Hiking in the beautiful                      Shenandoah forest

This park is giving me a lot of new experiences. I recently got an extension as well so I am looking forward to spending more time here! I am ready to learn more about the park and offer more to the people who come visit us here at Shenandoah National Park 🙂







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