A New Chapter

I apologize to the organizers and everyone else who wanted to read my blog Monday, as I wanted to experience the last day at Little River Canyon National Preserve (LIRI) before I started my blog. What can I say is I like to be in the moment! But almost every goodbye comes with sadness, as I have made a lot of bonds and friendships during my short time at LIRI. I got to meet interesting people and learn skills that little 8-year-old Sammy would have been jealous of. I’d like to say thank you to everyone I met–the Park Rangers, volunteers, JSU, ham radio operators, flint knappers, and everyone else–for letting me be part of their world and showing me a great time. And while I would have cried if I was a crier ( I don’t cry,I leak), I was also happy, not to leave but to start something new. I’m typing this in the airport while I wait for my first flight ever. My only regret is not being able to have gotten a group photo with everyone! So every opportunity out there better be ready, because I am ready to take advantage of it!


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