A monumental internship

The magnitude of this internship did not really hit me until the day after I accepted it. It was spring break and I was canoeing on a winding river in Congaree National Park, taking in the silence. That’s when I realized, this summer I will be interning in the headquarters of the National Park Service. 

This excitement hit me again when I was hiking in the mountains of Shenandoah National Park that same trip. I was thinking about the diversity of these parks and how much there is to preserve, protect, and share. That would be my job this summer. 

The most recent time that the news hit me was when I arrived in Washington D.C. over Memorial Day weekend. I visited memorials and monuments along the National Mall in my country’s capitol. This was a whole new side of the National Park Service, but it was just as powerful as a mountain or a river. 

The National Park Service is home of 417 sites all with a unique story to share about our country. They represent America’s natural beauty and diversity, its history, and our people. My job this summer is to help share these stories with creative communications strategies. 

My first two weeks at work in the communications office of the National Park Service has me taking photography, writing, editing, and constantly learning. The people who work here are warm, welcoming, and kind. This summer is going to show me how rewarding it is to work for a cause I really care about. 

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