A Lesson on Patience and Flexibility

Forced to pause

As time kept passing by.


24 hours in a day,

But lacking the mobility of yesterday.

Uncertainty the new normality,

The future?

An ambiguous concept.


In this new pace,

A chance to reflect.

More time than ever;

Fight your battles

And find yourself.



What a ride the past few months have been; we are living in an unprecedented time. With that being said, I hope that you are safe and well!

I am still at home in Anaheim, C.A. , waiting to hear if I will be able to begin my internship onsite at Indiana Dunes National Park (INDU) in mid-August. Now don’t think for a second that by “waiting” I am lazily letting my days go by. I have been reading plenty of articles about INDU (I have yet to neatly organize all of my notes), researching the demographics of surrounding cities, and yes, I have to admit that I have also been reading reviews of local restaurants like the foodie I am. In June I began working at my day job–an art gallery–after being initially let go due to Coronavirus back in March.  On July 1st new closures were announced and I was once again temporarily let go. Between those main responsibilities I split my free time studying Spanish and Korean, helping my mom tend to her vegetable and butterfly garden, making several trips with my dogs to the veterinarian, worked on some art commissions, and most recently tried to sort out my insurance to schedule my wisdom tooth extraction. 

Although, I am unsure if my internship will take place as scheduled, I am grateful for the supportive community that LHIP, EFTA, HAF, and NPS have created. Every week I look forward to the LHIP team meeting; eager to learn about my fellow interns’ adventures and projects. The webinars I have attended have been inspiring and thought provoking. 

This past Thursday I had my first Zoom meeting with my immediate supervisor, Park Ranger and Outreach Program Coordinator Kipton V. Walton. It left me more eager to begin my work as Outreach Assistant. At the same time I feel a bit lost and inadequate due to my late internship start date and because we have not discussed specific projects or goals.  Nonetheless, I am excited to confront the communication challenges that Coronavirus has created with innovative solutions.

LHIP- Latino Heritage Internship Program

EFTA- Environment for the Americas

HAF- Hispanic Access Foundation

NPS- National Park Service


P.S. I wish I could upload images of the garden, butterflies, and artwork I created, but my computer keeps on freezing. For the past two hours I’ve been trying to resize the photos on Photoshop to no avail. I also tried downloading GIMP, but my computer just froze some more. So, here is the only photo that I was able to successfully resize.


Image: I am sitting at my desk typing away as my thirteen year old toy poodle sits on my lap. The walls of my room are light blue. It is dimly lit by a desk lamp to my right and a sliver of sunlight entering from the window to my left.

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