A Lesson in Time Management

I must say I don’t think I have ever felt so busy in my life. There is so much to plan and prepare for, and I feel like the time is slipping away. I would usually consider myself someone who is great at planning, but it seems as if I can’t catch up. Don’t take this complaining – I thrive the most when I’m busy.

Planning for Latino Conservation Week (LCW) on top of my regular duties is a lot, but it will be worth it when the day of the event finally comes. This year we are partnering with the Friends of Fire Island National Seashore (FFINS) to celebrate with a day of family fun. I enjoy attending the meetings and feeling like LHIP is doing its part in reaching out to the Latino community. This year we sent out a press release with more information about the event. I was super excited because I got to play my part in writing it up! It was my first time doing something like this, so I needed a hand. Ranger Jill was extremely helpful during the entire process. She made corrections and formatted everything accordingly. A quick shout out to Jill for being so patient with Amy and I while we tried to figure everything out.

Check out the press release here

I’m hoping/assuming that once everything for LCW is finalized, I won’t be “as busy” (that’s in quotation marks because there’s always something to do!). I promise I’ll update you guys and let you know how our LCW event goes!!


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