A Learning Experience

Hello once again, everyone. This time I am back with a story of a learning experience I had here. To start off, the biggest learning experience I had was when I got to meet the Mexican Consulate of Louisiana and some of the artists that came for the presentation. It was a learning experience because I have never seen that side of my culture, as most of my family is from a poorer region of Mexico. So seeing these people who made it to their positions was really something I didn’t think I would do. Of course the Consulate also invited special guests that came from other parts of Latin America, so I got to see new perspectives as well. The artists also talked about why they made their art and what it represents. One of them was about a man being carried out after suffering a burn, and the way the artist used the red to show people faces glowing from the embers was outstanding as it looked a bit menacing and evil, yet the reality is they are seeking help.

Besides that, another learning experience is really getting used to planning out the budget for the event and getting in contact with people to make things happen. One of the fun parts for me was negotiating for what we want and at what price. I also learned how to get in contact with big corporations, one of which was Disney. We were trying to get the license rights to show one of their movies. So I had to ask around and see what the cost would be for showing the movies.

I also got in touch with the leaders of the Hispanic community to see what they could offer for the event. I learned to really use the community leaders to spread the word about the event and advertise using their audience. All of this benefits both groups, and so I am able to come with an agreement.

Now the last learning experience is about the overall culture and places here in New Orleans. I have learned much about the Hispanic culture, the African culture, and even others like the Creoles. Being exposed to such a great variety of cultures really lets me understand more about different groups. One thing I understood most was that music was really a driving force for making people connect. Since so much history is about music here, it’s no wonder why so many people from many backgrounds get along. It’s because in the past musicians didn’t really care about the segregation if it meant they could learn better music from others. One thing that you learn here is that there was a red light district that was lawless in New Orleans. Since it was a lawless place, it was a prime gathering spot for musicians. That meant that they could meet with each other no matter their color, and exchange ideas about music. It was one of the reasons why some of the greats became who they were. So, of course, it wasn’t until later that they got rid of the red light district, but by then the ideas were exchanged and new music started pouring out. This was something I learned here, and it stuck with me. Other than that, I also learned a lot about many musicians and the stories of their successes and failures. Either way, I say if you’ve got the time come on down to New Orleans, where music is always happening and the food is always fresh.

Thanks again, everyone, for coming to read what I have to say.

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