A Learning Experience

Hi everyone,

As I progress into my research project I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several influential researchers across different fields of sciences. I learned so much from them when it comes to learning new methodologies of research and their perspectives on how they approach their research objectives. Being surrounded by brilliant individuals definitely encourages me to continue giving 150% during my internship term here.

The experience I have learned so far has been integrated into my research project design and I can confidently claim that I am very proud of where I am leading with my project so far. I won’t give too much information about it yet as I am still pending with the research component, but once I get it finalized I’ll be sure to update you all. All I will say is that my project involves forestry, geography, and a lot of field work for the collection of new data!

Overall the new experiences I have obtained so far have been extremely beneficial for even my academic career for a potential graduate thesis.

Jonathan Tejeda

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