A Great Time in Paradise

This week has flown by pretty fast because every person that I have met has a pretty unique story that they carry with them. I have met people from France and from Australia and from all over the US, but unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share of these new encounters. Everything has run very smoothly so far. I have met more people that work in the park, and while most of the workers here are older than me, I have made friends with some that are my age or close. It’s nice to know that there are people here that are so kind, and that share similar hobbies and interests. I have even been asked my gamer tag to play fortnite, which I thought was really funny because everyone acts so professional and you’d never think that they would be into gaming or comic books or things that many people see as juvenile. I have also had my first shot at being a sort of instructor with some of the YCC kids. They make everyday a little more eventful, and they all have fun with what they do. It is so easy to exchange stories with them to the point that me and one of them were bonding over the movie Spirit, which was something I never would have thought would happen in a million years but it did! Everyone that works here always asks in the most kindest way what my culture is like, and they all try to learn about the foods…to the point that I have decided to make elotes and Agua de Jamaica for them later on (but that’s a little secret!) and will also bring some Mexican candy. I hope that I continue to make friends that work in the park and that visit the park!


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