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Serving as a multimedia outreach intern at the San Antonio Missions means that most of what I’m going to be doing will be focused on media. I will be working under the visual information specialist of the San Antonio Missions. I have one main project, which is producing three videos for the park. Two of the videos are aimed towards 4th graders, and the other video will be directed towards a more general audience. I will be making pre and post-visit videos for the 4th graders as supplement material for when they come to the Missions on field trips. The goals of the videos are to give the kids a basic overview on what the park is, who lived here and why it is important in a historical context, and to also make the kids reflect on their visit and help situate the history of the park into their own lives. These videos are going to be shown in classrooms in San Antonio, which means that there are specific goals I want to achieve. With these videos I want them to be informational while also being interesting for the kids to watch. Luckily, I have a lot of support here at the San Antonio missions that have helped me with the pre-production process. Since it’s only my second week here, I have spent time learning about the history of the missions, establishing my goals, and brainstorming themes, concepts and ideas. The interpretive team has been really helpful in providing ideas and feedback on what they think will be effective for these videos. The education coordinator here at the missions has also offered a helping hand and has helped with making sure I understand education standards that are set here in Texas and has provided his perspective on how the video can have the most impact. In addition to the help I am receiving here at the Missions, I will also be meeting with a teacher from the local school district, who will be able to provide feedback on our plans and give input to make sure that the videos are effective in the classroom. The third video I will be making will be a more general overview of the park’s history and will be shown to tourist on tour busses. Aside from the videos, I will also be helping with updating the social media of the park and the planning of Latino Conservation Week. I am excited to start the production process! 

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