A Fun Filled Fourth

This past 4th of July was the first time I was able to experience a Midwestern hometown parade filled with tons of candy and smiles.  We at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, were invited to participated in the annual 4th of July parade in Rockport Indiana, roughly a 20 minute drive south of Lincoln City. This was the second time I had been featured in a parade since my arrival in May and I absolutely loved it! It’s such a difference seeing large parades in Los Angeles compared to small town America cities in Southern Indiana. Not only do I get to represent Lincoln Boyhood but the Hispanic Access Foundation as well. As we were waiting to start I got the chance to introduce myself to other local groups participating in the parade. Many of the groups were locally owned businesses and were delighted to see the National Park Service being in public events. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where I was from and Why in the world I was in Southern Indiana if I was from Los Angeles, I would have enough money to pay next semesters tuition. Earlier that morning I was working the outreach table at the weekly Dale farmers market,  we only saw 10 people while we were there. Overall, my 4th of July was filled with everything American including a baseball game in the afternoon, a small BBQ with my fellow coworkers and amazing fireworks from the local amusement park.

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