A Common Goal

Hello everyone, I hope my fellow interns are doing well with their projects. This blog is going to be about my favorite part of the internship so far. I don’t think I can exactly choose one, but I want to say that I really enjoy how I have developed more people skills while working here. Especially from working at the front desk. I remember being really nervous that I would mess up but now when I work at the front desk or get to talk to visitors it goes a lot more smoothly and it feels more natural for me to do so. I am also able to be of more help now that I’ve learned a thing or two about Abraham Lincoln and I like being able to help the visitors with their questions or at least being able to get someone who can. Part of that is also being able to give kids their badges and swear them in as a junior ranger and seeing their faces light up with happiness and pride for being able to get it. 

It has inspired me to also want to travel to all the national parks and collect badges. Part of that is also being able to finish translating the junior ranger book in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community, I hope that they can also get their badges and feel the inclination to go to the rest of the National Parks, as that is not only my personal goal after working on multiple outreach projects, but it is also the LHIP’s goal.


Being able to pull off several projects and making those personal contacts with visitors and the organizations I have worked with, has allowed me to not only feel fulfilled but also feel inspired to keep going. While at first I might’ve thought it was intimidating, now I look forward to working with more people of different backgrounds and goals. Being able to work with the towns of Dale and Huntingburg, and working at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, has showed me that even though we may all have our own separate goals, in the end there was something that allowed us to come together.

That being our desire to see more Latino’s in places that perhaps don’t have much representation. We all wanted the community to be able to claim more space in areas that perhaps weren’t common for them, but by doing so they would not only learn a lot about historical figures, but also let their own experiences shine through. I look forward to seeing the work we have all put in fruition into more diversity in the National Parks.  

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