A bittersweet goodbye to my new family.

Sadly the time has come to say goodbye to the amazing people that I have had the privilege to spend time and work with. It has been an amazing experience to get exposed to the internal aspect of the National Park Service, especially having the chance to understand Klondike in all its glory. Our park may seem like just a building that is overshadowed by massive skyscrapers, but our team’s passion to be involved with the community soars higher up than any skyscraper. We offer a plethora of programs and activities for our visitors to enjoy, and we also have a welcoming atmosphere fit for all ages! I have been able to grow as a person here at Klondike, and was given the opportunity to express my passions involving conservation efforts in an urban setting. I hope the park continues to keep up the great work they do for the surrounding communities! The activities and programs I created will be left here for the park to use in the future and the final video will be posted on all social media platforms for visitors to access. I am honored to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet such great people and be a part of the National Park Service. I came not knowing anyone or anything, and I am leaving with a new family in Seattle and knowing who I am as a person/what i want to pursue in the future!

Thank you Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Environment for the Americas, Hispanic Access, and Latino Heritage Internship Program for this wonderful blessing!


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