The Season has begun: A Look into The Friendship

Dear reader,

Welcome back to the east coast, where the skies have been filled with smoke from Canadian wild fires and rain that has been matched with temperatures under 60 degrees. That hasn’t stopped the season from moving forward! Since I last posted, the teams were finishing up the last week of training and moving into opening day!

Opening day was a bit anti-climatic, I expected  visitors to lined up ready to go. However, I suspect it was the rain that slowed opening weekend. I worked in the visitor center in Saturday with Nile (HBCU intern) and Buddy (NPS volunteer). Then on Sunday Nile and I moved over to assist on the Friendship of Salem

Are you ready for the story of how the ship came to be? Alright, so the importance of this Friendship is that it was a merchant ship that was registered at the Salem Custom House to merchants Waite and Peirce. It was built in 1797 and was used in the East Indies trade.

The Ship I stand on is a replica of the original Friendship that was captured during the war of 1812. However, the story doesn’t end there. The ship Captain asked for a 20 ft long model to be made while it sailed. Once it was captured all that was left to resemble the ship was this model. Fast forward to 1997, this model was used to help build the replica. So it is a replica ship of the model of the original ship. End of story.

Back to me. Tight now this ship isn’t too ravishing. It’s been under repairs for quite a while, and might not be fully sailing until 2026. It’s covered by what looks like white saran wrap. On the bright side, it will be open this season for mini tours for only ten folks at a time with a quick debrief of its history and it’s current conditions. The visitors still seem happy to get to experience coming on board and chatting with us all. Even as it’s docked, it moves with the tide, so when I get off after a shift I feel a rocking sensation.

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

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