2ION: Here We Go Again!

I’m baaaaaack! 

You have no idea how EXCITED I am to be back in Zion for the second summer in a row with LHIP. I am so blessed to have has this opportunity not only once, but now twice!

My name is Gabriella Parra, you can call me Gaby! I will be the Zion National Park LHIP Education and Outreach Intern for the summer season of 2024.

Canyon Overlook Hike at Zion National Park

After my summer ended last August, I returned home and finished my last two semesters of my Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources degree.

 I KNEW it was going to be hard going back home after having the summer of my life here, and admittedly, it was. I experienced what I have deemed the “post-season blues” which every parkie may experience after the end of their season.

After making so many friends and memories, and falling love with the park, I felt almost depressed and longing for a fulfilling life again.

 I just had to finish school asap so I could get back to what I loved – working in a park and giving back to my community!

Afterwards, I found myself thinking, praying, and manifesting all the time to come back to Zion. After a year, I have graduated from the University of Arizona, reapplied to LHIP, got accepted to my same role of last year, and moved back into Zion. Finally, life can get started again!

When I drove out of Zion last year, it felt likeI put living my life on “pause”, and when I drove back into Zion this year, I hit the “unpause” button.

Now that I’m here, I feel like I’m really living life again. I really look forward to what work we will be able to accomplish this summer!

Carla and I reunited!

I have only been here for SIX days so far! I have already been reunited with Carla, my previous Zion LHIP intern partner, and Jorge, my LHIP surpervisor from last year! 

This year our project is going to focus on making deliverables based off of our research from last year, and doing outreach with the local Latino community. 

I’m basically jumping right back into my project from last year, and I can’t wait!

That’s it from me for now, 
Signing off!

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