Carmen is pursuing a MS in Earth and Environmental Studies. Passionate about aquatic ecology, environmental equity, and geology, she believes LHIP will advance a future career with the National Park Service benefiting both her and the community.

Carmen Artiles

Midwest Region Office/ Planning and Compliance/Planning

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Savannah holds a BS in Mathematics and an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. For two years, she taught high school math, emphasizing diversity in education. Ms. Balderas plans to pursue a doctoral degree to influence educational policy, particularly the narrative and language in textbooks.

Savannah Balderas

Blackwell School National Historic Site

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Ethan, enrolled at Ball State University, is working towards degrees in Social Studies Education and Public History.  Ethan's professional passions encompass history, social phenomena, interpersonal dynamics, and the orchestration of events or activities.

Ethan Bravo

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

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Valeria is seeking a master’s degree in Sustainability, Society, and the Environment from the University of Kiel in Germany. Driven by a passion for environmental justice, sustainability, and education, she is enthusiastic about her internship because it allows her to engage in community outreach.

Valeria Caballero

Salem Maritime National Historic Site & Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

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Fiorella graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a BS in Biological Sciences.  Fiorella aspires to work as a marine biologist in Florida because of her fascination with its vast diversity of flora, fauna, and biomes. 

Fiorella Fernandez

Biscayne National Park

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Karen Fuentes graduated with a BA in History and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in History at California State, Bakersfield.  Having enjoyed her previous LHIP experience, Karen is eager to collaborate with the National Park Service again and facilitate enjoyable experiences for park visitors. 

Karen Fuentes

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park – Seattle

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Jesús Y. González Javariz, is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in History of the Americas, with a minor in Hispanic Linguistics, at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. His program has been an extensive and demanding journey that has helped him to develop his writing and research skills to the highest level.

Jesús González Javariz

Ft. Raleigh National Historical Site

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Originally from San Antonio, Isaac holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Texas. He is interested in the local architecture of San Antonio, driven by the city's rich history. He is drawn to this program to learn techniques for documenting historic structures.

Isaac Knott

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) of the Heritage Documentation Programs

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Caroline is in her fourth year at IE University in Madrid and Segovia, Spain, studying international relations. She aims to make park programs more accessible to the Spanish-speaking communities.

CAroline Gracia

Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park

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Lidia Grande-Ruiz is a first-generation college graduate with a BA in Film and minors in Business and Native American Studies from Cal Poly Humboldt. She believes in using imagery to help preserve cultural, historical, and natural resources for future generations.

Lidia Grande-Ruiz

Boston National Historical Park/Education, Youth, and Volunteer Engagement

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Kai Guevara is attending UC Berkeley, studying Conservation and Resource Science. He is excited to contribute to positive and tangible changes in National Park infrastructure. Kai hopes to pursue a professional journey that focuses on environmental science and global change.

Kai Guevara

Death Valley National Park/Division of Maintenance

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Valeria earned an MA in Biology at Miami University in December 2023.  Her aim is to acquire skills focused in science communication, with the goal of captivating and educating a wide range of audiences.

Valeria Hernandez

Continental Divide Research Learning Center – Rocky Mt. National Park

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Jaeger is a graduate of Ball State University, with a BS in Criminal Justice. His interest in criminal justice is driven by a desire to connect with park rangers and superintendents, giving him insight national park operations. Jaegar wants to become a park ranger in the National Parks system, a role he sees as impactful.

JAegar Loran

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

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Jadicee is pursuing a BS in Environmental Studies, at Texas A&M. She understands the ecological impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems and wants to use her knowledge to push for stronger environmental policies, based on scientific evidence.

JAdicee Medel

Valley Forge National Historical Park

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Claire is a Scripps College alumna, with BA in Biology. She is drawn to the park's efforts to create inclusive spaces for the Latino community in nature, aligning with her goal to diversify the scientific field. In this role, Claire hopes to further her involvement in wildlife conservation and improve her science communication skills. 

Claire Molina

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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Elizabeth will soon earn a BA in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Justice and Sustainability from San Francisco State University. Armed with her degree, she is ready to advocate for environmental justice and education.

Elizabeth Morales

Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

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A senior at the University of Arizona, Gabriella is working towards a BA in Natural Resources, with a minor in Mexican-American Studies. Gabriella dreams of giving back to her community, enhancing educational opportunities, and inspiring others to value and protect the environment.

Gabriella Parra

Zion National Park

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Pablo is enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, pursuing a major in Journalism. His attraction to this program stems from its alignment with his interests in videography and photography, providing him with an excellent opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills in these fields.

Pablo Perez Flores

Tonto National Monument

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Switching to Howard University in her sophomore year was a key step in Janella’s academic path, where she studied International Affairs and Economics. After interning at Effigy Mounds National Monument, Jannella will join the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic to promote Spanish literacy.

Jannella Perez Torres

Effigy Mounds National Monument

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A senior at Florida State University, Nair is pursuing a major in Media Communications, complemented by double minors in Environment & Society and Criminology. Through her involvement in LHIP, she is committed to motivating others to value and protect the natural world as fervently as she does.

NAir Perez-Torres

Island in the Sky District, Canyonlands National Park

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Mia is a senior at Florida International University, pursuing a BA in Forensic Molecular Biology. She is deeply interested in LHIP as it offers an opportunity to gain experience in the field, particularly in conservation efforts aimed at protecting the Everglades and its surrounding areas.

Mia Pizzi

Everglades National Park

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Kevin is an ambitious architecture student. Kevin wants to support conservation efforts in architecture, highlighting the need for Hispanic representation in Historic Conservation. He believes that the future of architecture depends on respecting and understanding its past.

Kevin Ponce

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) of the Heritage Documentation Programs

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Amelia Proweller is a sophomore at Kenyon College. She specializes in African Diasporic and Latine studies, examining how these histories interact with legal systems. Her goal is to explore the roots of social and racial inequalities in American society and their impact on citizen agency.

Amelia PRoweller

First Ladies National Historic Site

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Diana rejoins us as an intern from the summer of 2023, bringing with her a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Purdue University. She is on the cusp of earning her master's in museum and Field Studies from the University of Colorado—Boulder.

Diana Quintero-Bisono

Intermountain Region Planning and Environmental Compliance

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Andres attends Tulane University where he is set to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish. His motivation to participate in LHIP stems from a desire to utilize his gap year for outdoor experiences before beginning his medical school journey.

Andres Ridley

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Interpretation, Education, and Partnerships Division

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Laura's engineering career is driven by her wish to contribute positively to her communities. Her involvement in the Latino Heritage Internship Program shows her commitment to leadership and her ambition to inspire others by promoting Lowell's rich history and giving back.

LAura Rodriguez

Lowell National Historical Park

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Alex finds the prospect of working to stabilize endangered species populations through this internship deeply meaningful. Drawn to hands-on fieldwork, he sees this opportunity as a chance to build valuable connections and make a significant impact in conservation.

Alexander Sandoval

San Francisco Bay Area Network Inventory and Monitoring Program, Point Reyes

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Rafa, a graduate from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, holds degrees in History and English Literature, with a minor in Environmental Studies. Rafa is committed to making information access more equitable and is excited about contributing to this role, knowing the lasting impact their efforts will have on the future.

Rafael Santos

Effigy Mounds National Monument

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Alexandra graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in environmental studies, focusing on communication and planning. LHIP appealed to her because she is interested in planning, design, and devising solutions for the natural environment through the built environment.


National Capital Region / Lands and Planning / Planning

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Jessie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, focusing on Child Development. Her passions lie in working with children, engaging with the great outdoors, and supporting the Latino community.

Jessie Solis

First State National Historical Park

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Milsy Westendorff is a graduate student at Northern Illinois University, specializing in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology. She is dedicated to promoting gender and racial equity in archaeology. Milsy is committed to addressing representation and creating inclusive spaces for everyone.

Milsy Westendorff

Keewenaw National 

Historical Park

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Jose Zavala is studying history at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His love for preserving history and making it accessible drives his interest in these fields. 


Arlington House

The Robert E. Lee Memorial

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