2017 Youth Summit Planning

We are weeks away from the 2017 Youth Summit Opening!! We have been working on planning the Summit and the logistics that go into it. I love planning events and that is why I am so excited about this event! There is a guideline of the Youth Summit that we are following but we still have to figure out the details. Some things that go into an event are the theme of the event, activities, guest list, food, and more! I believe this is a great way for me to gain experience with event planning for the future. I have also been working on outreach for the National Mall and Memorial Parks. We just had a meeting about how to get it started and there were great ideas that were brought up. I will be working with other Parks as well with outreach. Along with the party planning and outreach, I have been going out into the field with co-workers to gather information for the ParkRx program! ParkRx is a program where doctors can provide a “doctor’s note” to help people go explore the National Parks. From the past 3 weeks, I have learned so much and I am very happy with the teams I am working with!

Group photo of the team working on ParkRx!


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