1st Week on the Job

Hello Everyone,

So I’m going to do the second post now, just trying to keep up on my duties for the job, and I do have some fun stuff to report. I finally got to start Tuesday here at Point Reyes. I showed up and was basically thrown right into work, which was nice and not nice at the same time. It was strange to see how many people were coming into the visitor center, since it was the middle of the week and not even really summer yet. It wasn’t too overwhelming, but with tomorrow being Saturday, it does have me a bit worried about just how many people there will be! However, the whole team has been great. I always looked up to many rangers and still do, but many I’ve seen have been these tall, proud, strong, people who are all very determined and great with their work. I’ve always wondered what they are like behind closed doors. Turns out they are a bunch a friends who laugh and make cheesy inside jokes all day long. Once I get in on the jokes, this job will be even more fun. I just hope it can happen in ten weeks, or I just get to stay longer.

The initial training has been good. I did, however, cheat a little bit with this job. I picked a park I am very familiar with, and the surrounding areas as well. So while I am still learning a lot on the job, I did come with a fair amount already in the bank. I ride bikes a lot, and the picture above is another of Cornelius (my dog) tag, but also my bike. Biking is my biggest hobby. I’ve ridden in this area a lot and have used all the information to get ahead in this job, which is what I mean by cheating a bit. When you go out for 6+ hours on a ride and cover about 140 km of the park and then do it again the next day, you get to know the area very well. So I’ve been able to help people a lot at the visitor center with directions and activities. I believe I have impressed the team, and I hope to continue to improve, learn and make them more proud. So far this job is everything I’ve wanted and more. I actually got to see the work of the intern there before me, and the bar is set high, so I plan on doing them good!

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