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I am currently at the halfway point of my internship! It has been an absolute pleasure being apart of the Salem Maritime (SAMA) and Saugus Iron Works (SAIR) teams! The National Park Service works with a huge variety of people and partners, in this post I will be taking the time to highlight a partner that we work with closely.

North Shore Community Development Coalition (North Shore CDC) is a non-profit that invests resources into low-income neighborhoods on the North Shore to improve the quality of life for the residents and therefore generations to come. With a part-time and full-time staff, some of whom I have had the honor of meeting, they have created a momentous change! North Shore CDC implements affordable housing, economic and youth development, community engagement, small business assistance and public art + place-making.

I get chills and am in awe every time I engage with this amazing staff. Specifically in the Salem area the community of El Punto/The Point which is just over the bridge from downtown Salem seems a disproportional amount of disparities. This community is predominantly Latin, mainly Dominican and Puerto Rican. The area gets a bad reputation of being dangerous and dirty. North Shore CDC is working had to break down the “invisible but undeniable socio-economic barrier between The Point Neighborhood and the rest of Salem.”

I have heard such amazing stories of what great change this organization has brought into this beautiful community. North Shore CDC has created over 400 affordable homes with plans of creating 480 new apartments. They hold voting engagement and census events, English classes, small business assistance programs, community events, and the list only goes on from there. North Shore CDC is a prime example of being an organization that is for the community and run by the community. I am so excited to be able to work with them this summer!

Below are some of the beautiful murals on North Shore CDC’s buildings. The murals are themselves an act of place making and beautification.




















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