Good Afternoon. My name is Jaegar Loran. I’m originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana and have moved to my site at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. I was able to shadow the park rangers everyday for the first week in order to find out how the park operates. One of my favorite parts throughout the first week is during school visits. When elementary children and middle schoolers come to the park, the main focus is on educating them. While we go over the history with them, there are always fun and engaging activities the park rangers provide. The first group starts at the Visitor Center and are encouraged to watch a 15 minute film regarding Abraham Lincoln. Also, we have a large museum in the Visitor Center that grabs eyes. Out front of the Visitor Center is the memorial, which tells the story of Abraham Lincoln from when he grew up to how he was assassinated. The story is told on limestone sculpture panels. After going over the sculptures, the group walks up the main trail to the garden and farm. The farm area contains chickens, horses, cows, and lambs. The kids all flock towards the animals and are excited every time. Next to the farm is the “Log Cabin” and the garden. The Log Cabin is a replica of Abraham Lincoln’s home while he was living in Indiana. There is usually a ranger stationed by the Log Cabin and one by the farm area.


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